Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) 2013 Energy Sector Programme Phase-II: Contract Award Notice (CS-03)


Project Name: Turkey/Pre-Accession Instrument (IPA) Energy Sector Programme Phase-II Project (TF-019255-TR)
Country: Turkey
Project Number: P151934
Awarded Firm: Joint Venture of Exergia Energy and Environment Consultants S.A. E3 Modelling P.C., AF Mercados Energy Markets International S.A. ve AF Mercados EMI
Address: Omirou Str. & Vissarionos 1, 10672, Athens, Greece
Contract signature date: October 8, 2018
Method of Procurement/Selection: Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS)
Price: € 711.083 (excl. VAT)
Duration: 15 months
Summary scope of contract:
1- Ministry, together with the Consultant will develop a software model to make more accurate forecasts for the energy sector in Turkey.
2- After designation phase of the model, trainings will follow to use the model efficiently and effectively.
3- It is planned to organize study visits to examine and learn the models that are used in the European countries.




Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
Directorate General for Foreign Relations and International Projects
Nasuh Akar Mah. Türkocağı Cad. No: 2
06490, Bahçelievler, Ankara, Turkey
For information:
Telephone: 0090 312 213 1124 Facsimile: 0090 312 213 2049