The main studies carried out by the Our Ministry within the scope of the training-survey activities are as follows:

  • Fulfill the activities concerning the energy management in the industrial enterprises and buildings,
  • Organize the energy manager certification trainings, 
  • Organize the survey project certification trainings, 
  • Organize the international energy manager training programs for Asia, Middle East and Balkans in order to improve the regional cooperation,
  • Create the energy efficiency awareness, 
  • Determine the energy saving focuses and amounts,
  • Provide assistance in establishing an efficient energy management system in the industrial enterprises, public, commercial and service buildings.
The current status and saving potential are determined in the ultimate energy consumption sector such as industry and building through the energy efficiency survey studies and it is aimed that the energy managers trained by the courses organized have the following competences:
  • Have knowledge about the primary energy resources in the world and Turkey, secondary energy types and supply-demand developments, 
  • Have knowledge about the concepts of energy density and specific energy consumption concepts across the country, in the industry sectors and industrial enterprises, calculating methods and trends, 
  • Know how the activities concerning the energy managements are carried out and how they are reported, 
  • Have full knowledge of the technical specifications of the equipments and systems using energy and their operating and maintenance procedures, and also how the energy losses, ineffectiveness may occur, how they can be prevented, measured and how the measures are evaluated,  
  • Have knowledge about the efficient production processes and efficient products using energy in the market with their technical and economical specifications,
  • Know what is the energy saving potential and how it is estimated, and be able to prepare pre-feasibility studies for the measures required significant expenditures which can provide energy saving or increase energy efficiency,   
  • Have knowledge about survey and project preparation methods, 

It is provided within the scope of the energy management program to be assigned the energy managers and conducted the monitoring and audit activities by starting energy management studies; in the industrial enterprises, commercial buildings, organized industrial zones, generating plants.