Boron minerals are natural compounds that contain different proportions of boron oxide (B2O3) in their structure. The boron minerals commonly found in Turkey; tinkal, colemanite and ulexite. Boron products are used in chemistry, materials, agriculture, construction, nuclear energy, defense industry, cleaning, healthcare. Concentrated boron products can also be consumed in these sectors, although regular boron products are used. Approximately 80% of boron products consumed worldwide are concentrated in the glass, ceramic, agriculture and detergent-cleaning sectors. Turkey is the leader country that performs the production of the refined boron products.



Important boron deposits are located in Turkey, the US, Russia and South America. The known boron mineral deposits of our country are in located in Eskişehir-Kırka, Kütahya-Emet, Bursa-Kestelek and Balıkesir-Bigadiç. In order to clearly demonstrate our boron potential, reserve development studies are continuing within the scope of Bigadiç Master Project (BİGMAP). The consumption of boron products in the world is about 3.7 million tons and nearly 56% of world boron demand has been met by Turkey in 2019. Turkey refined boron production capacity is 2.7 million tons and by the end of 2019 2.04 million tons was produced.


Our country is among the countries with the world's boron reserves with 3.3 billion tons of boron reserves. When the boron reserves of other countries are analyzed, Russia and the USA have 40 million tons of boron reserves and Chile has 35 million tons of boron reserves. The studies carried out are that products with boron content will appear more in the coming periods. In this context, R&D and laboratory studies continue in order to obtain high-tech materials from boron products in our country; Studies to establish a Boron Research Center (BAM) are ongoing.


Our country is one of the important boron exporting countries. Boron products sales amounted to approximately 2.06 million tons in quantity and $ 820 million in value basis in 2019.


When only boric acid average prices are analyzed, a continuous increase is observed in the five-year period. With the increase in demand for boron products, this figure is estimated to be 762 $ / ton in 2023 price projection.



Among the countries in which we export boron are China, USA, Russia and India. Turkey, in order to strengthen its position in the global market in 2020 58% market share is like target price.


Boron Carbide product, which is used in different fields such as armor materials, nuclear applications, wear-resistant machinery and ceramic parts production in military purposes, is used in Bandırma by using boron products such as boric acid and boron oxide, which our country has been successfully producing for many years. Balıkesir) The foundation of the Boron Carbide Production facility was laid in Bandırma Boron Operation Directorate on 25.10.2019, and the activities for its construction continue.


The R&D studies of BORON cleaning product are carried out within the body of Eti Maden and BOREL hand disinfectant, which is started to be used by the companies operating in the cleaning sector of our country in order to meet the needs of our citizens as a public, is also offered to the use of our people.

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