Copper was processed and used by the Ancient Egyptians in about 4000 BC. The earliest known copper deposits on the island of Cyprus have been a starting point for the practical use of copper metals called "Cuprum" in Latin. Copper items found in the Çatalhöyük excavations in our country date back to the known copper history. It takes up to 7000 years.


Copper mineralizations are observed in different regions in our country, and the copper metal content detected as of 2015 is 3.79 million tons. Today, MTA continues its efforts to develop this amount of resources.


As of 2019, the total copper reserve is estimated to be 870 million tons on a global scale. World copper reserves have increased by 26% since 2014. Total amount of defined resources is 2.1 billion tons according to the studies conducted in 2014.



As of 2019, 870 million tons of reserves have been distributed to various continents, especially 11 countries, and Chile has the highest share in the distribution of copper reserves with 23% share. Australia and Peru follow Chile with a share of 10%.



As of 2018, the total amount of copper produced in the mines in the world is approximately 20.6 million tons (copper metal content) 45% of the production comes from the mines in South America. Chile ranks first in the world in copper production with a market share of 28%. As of 2018, our country has a market of 0.38% with 88,000 tons of copper metal content production.


In 2019, copper production was at the level of 24 million tons, while the China was the country that consumed the most copper with 13 million tons. The total consumption of 24 million tons in the world is located in Turkey 463 thousand tons of re fi # 8 in the world with what copper consumption. Currently, the global rationing capacity is calculated as 27.7 million tons, and it is expected to exceed 30 million tons in 2023.


According to the data of 2018 in our country, the total production of copper ore was 6,6 million tons. While the export of copper ore and enriched copper ore in our country has been on a downward trend since 2015, it exported approximately 188 thousand tons in 2019, amounting 57% more than in the previous year.



Copper prices are in a downward trend as of the first three months of 2020. The average copper price in January-December 2019 was $ 6,010 / ton, while the average price in March 2020 was $ 5,183 / ton.


Copper mines in Kastamonu-Küre, Artvin-Murgul, Rize-Çayeli are the main copper producing enterprises in our country. In Samsun Smelter and Electrolysis Facility, blister and rainer copper are produced.

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