Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Works
  1. Turkey and around the world to monitor and evaluate the development of renewable energy studies and conduct the analysis,
  2. To follow up the works carried out with the European Union,
  3. Collaboration is carried out in coordination with international organizations that we are a member of (IEA, IRENA, KEI, G20, D-8, etc.).
  4. Creating bases for energy statistics, evaluation and policy/strategy determination studies,
  5. To determine Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA), to declare the determined areas YEKA by conducting the necessary technical and administrative infrastructure studies,
  6. To organize YEKA Rights of Use Competitions within the framework of the Regulation on Renewable Energy Resource Areas,
  7. To carry out works and procedures within the framework of the YEKA Usage Rights Agreement signed between our Ministry and the winner of the YEKA Right of Use contest,
  8. To improve the investment environment, to ensure that the processes are lean, to identify the problems faced by renewable investors in practice and to ensure coordination with the relevant institutions/organizations and the sector regarding the measures to be taken,
  9. To cooperate with national and international institutions and organizations on renewable energy resources, to prepare, execute / coordinate projects and to follow national/international projects,
  10. 10 in Turkey and to monitor activities and developments related to renewable energy sources in the world and assess the country's needs and conditions in accordance with developing recommendations/strategies to identify and to prepare the draft remedial legislation,
  11. To work on determining, introducing and making maximum use of renewable energy sources potentials,
  12. To ensure that renewable energy potential atlases are developed and kept up to date by using geographic information system (GIS) techniques, on a resource basis,
  13. Education, symposium, conference etc. on renewable energy sources. to raise awareness within and outside the institution by participating in activities, to increase the technical knowledge and skills of the personnel,
  14. To make technical evaluations of the applications for unlicensed production and unlicensed production applications made to EMRA based on solar and wind energy, and to formulate opinions for the changes in the scope of the associate/license,
  15. Draft studies for simplification/amendments to the relevant Technical Assessment Regulations in order to formulate technical assessment views more quickly and thereby contribute to the reduction of bureaucracy.
  16. To form an opinion for the permission plan in the EIA process and the zoning plan that must be taken for the establishment of renewable energy facilities.
  17. Arrangement of conformity letters on proposed zoning plans, coordinate changes, capacity increases, power plant site changes and turbine technical specifications proposed for pre-licensed and licensed projects.
  18. Evaluating the interactions between licensed mining sites and the facilities planned to be built on and giving opinions in this direction
  19. To monitor, monitor and carry out / coordinate the activities of the Unit of Policies and Strategies defined by the Government, our Ministry and other Ministry and related institutions,
  20. To carry out update and follow-up studies regarding the realization and evaluation of the actions carried out by the Unit within the scope of the "Public Financial Management and Control Law" No. 5018, to update the activity report of the unit and to monitor the performance program and to send the results of the work related to this,
  21. To follow, monitor and report the tasks defined in the target-based performance and competence assessment system,
  22. To manage activities, related correspondence and documentation related to renewable energy policies and planning studies and to ensure that electronic media information is kept up to date,
  23. Following the investment budget regarding the realization and evaluation of the actions carried out by the Unit in the Strategic Plan,
  24. To prepare the necessary legislation related to the works carried out, to make the necessary legislative changes,
  25. To perform other duties assigned by the Directorate General within the framework of the relevant legislation.