Türkiye plans $3 billion investment for electric cars, renewable energy

Electric vehicle infrastructure to get third of investment with remaining funds going to renewables and distributed generation

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Türkiye will invest a total of $3 billion in infrastructure for electric vehicles, distributed generation and renewable energy technologies until 2030, Fatih Donmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources said on Thursday.

One of the most important topics in the coming years will be electric cars, Donmez said in a meeting organized by Association of Electricity Distribution System Operators (ELDER).

By 2030, $1 billion worth of investment is planned for the electric vehicle grid infrastructure, he added.

Additionally, '$2 billion in grid investment is required for distributed generation and renewable energy technologies by 2030,' Donmez said.

Between 2016-2020, a total of 74.3 billion liras was invested in electricity distribution in the country, Donmez said.

For 2021-2025, investment is expected to reach 124 billion liras, 20 billion liras of which has already been implemented in network and other investments, he added.