Energy Diplomacy

We took as it as a mission to steer our energy policy, that is a precondition for the realization of the 2023 targets set for the 100th anniversary of our Republic, through effective diplomacy.


Energy remains among the most important topics that determine the direction of international relations and diplomacy, and it also has a critical role in the economic development of the countries.


Our energy need has shown a similar growth with our economy which has been at an average rate of 5% per annum over the last 15 years. In this direction, our country adopted "National Energy and Mining Policy" based on strengthening energy supply security, utilizing domestic and renewable resources and establishing predictable market conditions.


Implementing an energy diplomacy that ensure our energy supply security through resource-route diversification and using energy as an instrument that will increase the prosperity of our people constitutes one of the top priorities of our Ministry within the scope of this policy.


Our country, as an important actor in the region with its proximity to the energy-rich geography, acts with a sense of responsibility towards both its people and the region in which it is located by recognizing the advantages stemming from its geopolitical position. Since Türkiye is far more than its geographical location, constituting a bridge connecting the east and the west, it is a stable and secure energy player in its region.


Bringing the resources in the nearby geography first into our country and then into the world markets requires pursuing a multidimensional energy diplomacy. Our country maintains these relations based on a "win-win" principle for all stakeholders in a way that contributes to the supply security of our country and our region and in accordance with our foreign policy. Türkiye carries out bilateral and multilateral cooperation with all key actors, especially with our neighbors by regarding energy not as an element of conflicts but as a guarantee of peace.


One of the leading regions where we have successfully conducted diplomacy in the energy field is the Caucasus. The close interest of our Ministry towards the region is based on the historical friendship and relationship by affinity that our country has established with the countries of the region. In addition to these friendly relations, the countries that are located in the Caucasus have great importance in terms of the energy needs of our region and the world energy markets.


In this regard, following the oil that has been supplied to the world markets through Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline since 2006, with TANAP, it's been started the first gas flow to Türkiye in 2018, and then to contribute to the supply security of our country and the region by transporting the Azeri gas to the European markets in the later years.


Our country, in order to ensure energy supply security, does not establish close relations only with a single geography or region but it reaches out to all geographies irrespective of the distance, and takes initiatives to improve supply security, resource diversification and job opportunities in accordance with its foreign policy.


In this context, we will continue our initiatives to develop concrete projects that our public and private sectors can develop together towards Asia and Africa and to create sustainable models based on mutual benefits.


On the other hand , in order to ensure effective participation and visibility of our country in global energy relations, studies are being monitored, assessed and guidance is being provided in the decision making mechanisms through active participation in the studies / meetings of the regional and international organizations (United Nations, International Energy Agency, International Energy Forum, International Renewable Energy Agency, International Atomic Energy Agency, G20, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Asian Cooperation Dialogue, ASEAN, African Union, Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, Islamic Cooperation Organization, Gulf Cooperation Council, NATO, OSCE, Energy Charter, OECD, Developing-8 (D-8), World Trade Organization, World Energy Council, World Petroleum Council, the European Organization for Nuclear Research etc.) in line with the political position of our country.


On the other hand, following processes are managed by the Ministry for the development of relations and improvement of level of acquis alignment with the European Union (EU) for whom Türkiye has a strategic position in the provision of energy supplies;


  • Programming, tendering, implementation and monitoring of the projects carried out within the scope of the First Period of the EU Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), programming, implementation and monitoring of projects in the IPA II period covering 2014-2020 with the assumption of the "Lead Institution" status for our Ministry on behalf of the sector through being accredited by the European Commission for the use of EU grants; and preparation of "energy" sections in the Strategy Documents prepared within the scope of IPA,
  • Monitoring of the National Action Plan in the process of EU accession, coordinating the contribution of our Ministry to the preparation of the Annual Progress Reports issued by the European Commission, coordination of sectoral technical working group meetings on energy within the context of alignment with the EU acquis,
  • Carrying out projects for the development of the energy sector with the World Bank, KfW, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and similar financial institutions.
  • In order to coordinate the foreign investments to be made in our country effectively and to -guide the international investors,
  • Interviews, meetings and visits between our Ministry and the countries and companies that show interest in large-scale projects (nuclear power plants, thermal power plant projects with large installed power) are held,
  • Activities such as informative visits, meetings, workshops, etc. are being carried out with the participation of foreign companies which aspire to invest in our energy sector, along with our Ministry, and our affiliated and related institutions

Our Ministry, as the window of our country to the world in the energy and natural resources sectors, fulfills its responsibility in terms of representing Türkiye in the international arena with all its energy in a way that it deserves.

Our Ministry, which has accomplished large-scale projects in the field of nuclear energy, natural gas and renewable energy through effective and principled international energy diplomacy, will continue to fulfill its responsibilities, and with the aim to increase the prosperity of our country, will never cease to assume an active role in its bilateral and multilateral relations in the energy, as one of the key areas of our 2023 targets.


Date of Update: 12 July 2023

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