Shiny like silver, metallic-looking, hard but easily broken chrome; It is one of the basic elements of metallurgy, chemistry and refractory industry.


The only mineral in which chromium metal can be produced economically is chromite. Chromite (FeCr2O4) mineral and chromium deposits are found in ultrabasic rocks. Pure chromite is rare. The chemical composition of the chrome ore determines its use in industry. While there are limitations on the chemical composition and physical properties of chrome ore according to its industrial usage areas, the usage limitations arising from the chemical composition of the ore are becoming more and more flexible in accordance with technological developments. High-iron chrome ore, which is defined as chemical ore, can now be used in the metallurgical industry with the developing technology.



Türkiye is a country rich in chrome deposits. The main chrome deposits in our country, where there are many chrome deposits, are located in Guleman (Elazığ), Fethiye, Köyceğiz (Muğla), Sivas-Erzincan-Kop Mountain region, between Mersin and Kayseri, between Balıkesir and Eskişehir, and between İskenderun and Kahramanmaraş. The factories that process chrome in our country are located in Elazig and Antalya.


Türkiye is one of the important countries in chrome production. Türkiye's important competitors in this market are South Africa, Kazakhstan and India. The reasons such as high metal recovery efficiency, directly used in ferrochrome production as a tuvenan, possible to produce quality metal (FeCr) due to low silica content, high grade metal is obtained due to high Cr/Fe ratio, its hardness causes less dusting provide a market advantage to the Turkish chromite ores.


Türkiye ranks fourth in the world's chrome reserves after South Africa, Kazakhstan and India.



While approximately 6.2 million tons of chromium ore was produced in Türkiye in 2020, this value was approximately 7 million tons in 2021.




Türkiye exports some of the chrome it produces as ore and intermediate products. While approximately 1.6 million tons of products were exported in 2021, only 167 thousand tons were imported. In the same year, approximately 500 million dollars foreign trade surplus was given in chrome.  



Although the prices of 40-42% piece chrome ore in Turkey started to increase after 2016, started to decline again in 2019. The chrome ore price, which rised in 2021, was approximately 300 USD/mt in June 2022.


Date of Update: 07 September 2022

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