Natural Stones

Our country, which has a rich potential in terms of natural stone and geological structure, has 4 billion m3 of operable marble, 2.8 billion m3 of operable travertine and 1 billion m3 of granite reserves. According to these values, Turkey has almost 40% of world natural stone reserves.


The most well-known marble varieties produced in our country and in the international market are Süpren, Elazığ Cherry, Akşehir Black, Manyas White, Bilecik Beige, Tiger Skin, Denizli Travertine, Aegean Bordeaux, Milas Lilac, Gemlik Diabase and Afyon Sugar.


In our country, 18,25 million tons of II (b) group natural stone was produced in 2021, of which 71.58% is marble, 19.52% is travertine, 2.91% is granite, 2.88% is mosaic+ slate etc. decorative stone, 1.36% basalt, 0.98% andesite, 0.10% serpentine, 0.37% ignimbrite, 0.20% onyx, 0.06% diabase and 0.04% are building blocks.


Our country's mineral exports in 2021 increased by 39.9% compared to the previous year and reached 5.93 billion dollars. However, our natural stone exports in 2021 ranks second in total mining exports.



In 2021, China is at the top of the countries where natural stone exports are made with 615.07 million dollars. Our exports to this country increased by 13.95% compared to the same period of the previous year.



Date of Update: 13 September 2022

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