Iron (Fe), one of the four most common elements in the Earth’s crust, is the most commonly found metal after Aluminium.


Iron is the most widely used metal and comprise %95 of metals produced  by weight comprall over the World. Its low price and high resistance properties make iron indespensable in automotive, ship hull construction and in structural component of buildings. Most widely known type of iron alloy is iron-steel.



Besides the low price of iron incomparison with other metals, its high strength makes iron indespensable material in automotive, ship and building construction which people use in their daily lives. Iron industry has a special place in manufacturing sub-sectors that produce materials for construction, agriculture, railway, automotive, defense, domestic appliances and other devices, machinery and goods. Iron is used as an input in all of these sectors.


World iron reserve is more than 80 billion tons and it is predicted 23 billion tons of this reserve consists of iron metals. Australia and Brazil are among the biggest iron ore producers of the World and have majority of world’s iron ore reserves. 


Australia with share around %30 of the World’s reserves takes the top place in iron ore reserves. According to 2021 production data, Australia with 560 billion tons/year iron equivalent mineral production is the biggest iron producer of the World. This value corresponds to %37 of World production.



Iron resource of our country concentrate in the regions of Sivas, Malatya, Bingöl, Adana and Kayseri. In addition to these, Ankara, Balıkesir and Adapazarı regions also have different amounts of iron ore reserves. Iron deposits that are directly minable in Türkiye is found in Sivas, Erzincan, Kayseri, Adana, Malatya, Kırşehir, Ankara and Balıkesir regions.



Date of Update: 22 June 2023

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