Most of the silver production in the world was obtained from non-ferrous metal concentrates until the mid-70s. The Symbol of Silver, a shiny and white metal, is Ag. (Comes from the word argentum in Latin).

It is available in combination with silver, copper and gold as alloy, especially sulfur and chloride. It is usually seen together with gold, lead and zinc minerals. Silver in general; It is used in the photography industry, electronic parts, coin production, ornaments and jewelry, alloys, and the dental industry. It is also used in making rain grenades (silver iodide), mirror glazes, batteries and wires to rain artificial rain. In the past, it was used as an electrical wire because it conducts electricity well and can be easily turned into a wire. Two kilometers of thin wire can be drawn from a gram of silver, but it is no longer used for this purpose because it is a rare element in nature and is a valuable element.



Worldwide, Peru and Australia have rich silver deposit deposits. Mexico, which ranks first in the production of silver mines in the world, is followed by Peru, China, Chile and Russia, respectively.




While the global silver production has been around 27 thousand tons in the last years, it decreased to around 24 thousand tons in 2021.



Türkiye meat commissioned Silver Inc.'s facilities in 1987, is Türkiye's first and only pit-run manufacturer of metallic silver from ore with an integrated process up to the final product stage. Our country's silver production continues to increase over the years.



While silver prices in the world market were around $ 10 / ounce in the 2000s, today they have reached $ 25/ ounce. In September 2022, it decreased to 18$/ounce levels.



Date of Update: 13 September 2022

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