Zinc is one of the widely used metals. It was used in ancient times, in Greek and Egyptian civilizations, in the construction of vessels, in which jewelry and dead ashes were mixed, mixed with copper. It was later produced in metal in the Middle Ages, China and India, and was able to come from China to Europe towards the end of the Middle Ages.


According to MTA data, our Zinc metal content source in our country is at the level of 2.3 million tons. In the world, the defined zinc source has been calculated as 1.9 billion tons.


Zinc is one of the three most important metals in non-ferrous metals following aluminum and copper. These three metals are mainly used to increase the corrosion resistance of iron and steel, and to make special alloys and brass alloys used in the casting industry. The recycling rate is relatively low and zinc is largely dependent on mining activities, is also used in the roofing materials and tire industry (as ZnO).


The total amount of reserves on a global scale is 250 million tons, and Australia is at the first place with a 27% share.



In 2022, a total of 13 million tons of zinc was produced from mines around the World. The People's Republic of China is the biggest player in production with a share of 35%. As of 2021, zinc production in our country has reached 452.192,45 tons.


The export of zinc ore and enriched zinc ore has shown an increasing trend since 2016, and as of 2022 864 thousand tons of zinc exported.



Import values ​​also increased as of 2017, and by seeing the peak value in the last five years in 2022, zinc reached an import volume of approximately 10 million dollars.



Türkiye’s refined zinc import changed between 331 thousands and 267 thousands tons in between 2016-2022. The average price of zinc in 2022 is  $3,400/ton.


The mines in Balıkesir-Balya Rize-Çayeli in Türkiye are the main enterprises producing zinc. In addition, with the facility built in Siirt in 2021, metallic zinc production has started in our country.


Date of Update: 22 June 2023

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