Nickel light is a metal with gold and silver color. It is not pure in nature, mostly occurs in the form of oxides, sults and silicates with iron and cobalt.


Nickel is found in two types of lateritic and sulfuric mineral deposits in the world. Different methods are required for nickel recovery from these deposits. In our country, the nickel deposits in Manisa-Gördes, Uşak-Banaz, Bolu-Mudurnu- Akçaalan, Eskişehir-Mihalıççık-Yunus Emre are lateritic beds, and in Bitlis-Pancarli, Bursa-Orhaneli, Sivas-Divrigi and Hatay-Dörtyol sulphite beds.


Nickel has a wide range of uses due to its chemical and physical properties and continues to increase gradually. 70% of nickel produced in the world is used in stainless steel production. It is a highly equipped material used in construction, automotive, petrochemical, manufacturing, energy and renewable energy, electronics industry as end products.



Clean energy technologies are becoming increasingly widespread, so research suggests that low-carbon energy technologies will demand more minerals and minerals than fossil-powered power plants. Since nickel shows high performance in battery technology, it is estimated that the demand for nickel will increase in the coming period and it will be used in energy storage technology by 74% in 2050.



Total nickel production in the world is 2.7 million tons in 2019. Nickel production, which recorded high production value in 2013 and decreased in the following years, increased in 2019. When the average annual prices of nickel are analyzed, the average price in 2014 is close to $ 17,000; Indonesia, which is the largest nickel supplier in the world, caused a sharp decrease in the nickel market with the ban on exports until 2017. As of January 2020, the Indonesian Government started to ban exports again. The reason for this decision is that Indonesia's nickel resources decrease and it wants to attract investors to produce end products.



In our country, there are mining companies that produce nickel in Manisa-Gördes, Eskişehir-Mihalıççık and Sivrihisar.


Turkey pit-run import and export nickel ore and intermediate products when analyzed for nickel ore exports in 2019 were carried out 1,780 dollars, while imports amounted to 1.5 million dollars. However, in 2019 unalloyed nickel (99% purity Nickel (Ni)) imports amounted to 76 million dollars, while exports amounted to 1.6 million dollars.


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