Türkiye's fourth drill ship to start operations in August

Latest drill ship operations to contribute to country's gas exploration that has been ongoing over past 4 years

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Türkiye's fourth drill ship, Abdulhamid Han, will start operations in the Mediterranean Sea in August, Fatih Donmez, the country’s energy and natural resources minister said on Wednesday.

During a visit to Mersin in the south of the country where the vessel is docked, Donmez said the ship, being one of five, seventh-generation ships in the world has the latest technology, and will join a fleet of three others for hydrocarbon operations.

The country has been undertaking drilling activities in its waters over the past four years.

Next week will see more activity when ship, Castorone, will begin pipelaying in the deep waters of the Black Sea to allow Black Sea natural gas to be brought onshore