Türkiye breaks ground on 4th reactor of Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Upon completion, four reactors will alone meet about 10% of country's electricity demand

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Türkiye started work on the fourth reactor of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Mersin on the Mediterranean coast on Thursday.

Work on the fourth reactor means that the country’s first nuclear plant is one step closer to the official start of electricity generation set for 2023.

The four reactors are expected to operate around the clock for 60 years.

Energy Minister Fatih Donmez confirmed at the groundbreaking ceremony that nuclear power is an important option in meeting increasing energy demand in the country after the pandemic and for global emissions reduction.

'When completed, the four reactors will alone meet about 10% of our electricity demand,' Donmez said.

The country's first nuclear power plant has ensured that Turkish engineers will gain the required knowledge and experience through their education abroad to operate nuclear plants.

To date, 246 out of 317 students have completed nuclear power education in Russia and are working at Akkuyu, while the remaining 71 are still receiving their education in Russia.

'Akkuyu will play an important role not only with the electricity it will produce but also with its contribution to our green energy goal,' Donmez said.

Akkuyu will prevent 35 million tons of carbon emissions per year and 2.1 billion tons of carbon emissions over its lifetime of 60 years.