Türkiye to lay sub-sea gas cables in Black Sea: Energy minister

About 8,000 workers, 30 vessels and eight helicopters have been deployed on land and sea for Black Sea Gas project, says Energy Min.

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A vessel to lay sub-sea cables for the Black Sea Gas Field has arrived in the Bosphorus in Istanbul before it sets sail in a few days for the Filyos port, located in the coastal province of Zonguldak, Türkiye’s Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez said on Friday.

Within the scope of works, about 8,000 workers, 30 vessels, and eight helicopters have been deployed on both land at sea, Donmez confirmed.

'Serious work is ongoing on land with construction equipment and service providers,” he said.

Contracts have been signed for equipment from various parts of the world to begin the project, he said.

The seabed pipeline will stretch to around 170 kilometers from the production facility to the Filyos port onshore.

Around 10 million cubic meters per day of production is expected in Phase I of the project.

Phase II will see the addition of 20 to 25 wells in the field, allowing daily production to total 40 million cubic meters.

The country has been taking measures to alleviate the natural gas crisis that European countries are currently facing and has also kickstarted a project to expand the capacity of underground natural gas storage in Silivri along the Sea of Marmara.