Groundbreaking Ceremony of Akkuyu Marine Facilities Construction

At the groundbreaking ceremony of Akkuyu Marine Facilities Construction, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner YILDIZ stated about the beginning of a new era and that such a concrete and a clear point had never been reached on establishment of a nuclear power plant before.

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Referring to the fact that 11% of the global power consumption is generated by nuclear, Yıldız stated that 19% of them is in Russia, 16% - in Germany and 78% in France.
He also stated that the number of nuclear power plants in the US is 100, including 5 under construction, in Russia – 34, including 9 under construction, China own 24, and 24 is under construction. As for France, there are 58 nuclear power plants in France, in Germany, although out of 17 nuclear power plants 8 are out of operation, 9 will still be under operation.

"22 billion Dollar investment will be made in the area of 2 kilometers”

Referring to the coastal area of Turkey to be 8 thousand 484 kilometers, Yıldız mentioned that in this region there will be 22 billion Dollar investment made in solely 2 kilometer area.