“Floating Power Plants” of Turkish origin are sent off

“Floating gigantic power plants” manufactured by Karadeniz Holding for Ghana and Indonesia have departed to be delivered to these countries. Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Alaboyun stated that Turkey feels proud of the “gigantic floating power plants” manufactured by Karadeniz Holding.

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Minister Alaboyun expressed that Karadeniz Holding has reached a leadership position in one of the most strategic business sectors of the world. Mentioning about his visit to Ghana five years ago, Minister Alaboyun stated the following: “I’ve seen the potential for growth in Ghana. Ghana could become an entrance gate to Africa. There is no reason for this not to happen. Today I see that the foundation for this is ready now and the collaboration here is an evidence to this.”

Stating the fact that the floating ship “Ayşegül Sultan” departing to Ghana is of 235 MW and the ship “Zeynep Sultan” departing to Indonesia is of 125 MW, Minister Alaboyun said that he liked the ships very much. The Energy Minister of Ghana Republic Mr. Kwabena Donkor expressed their willingness to increase cooperation with Turkey and invited Turkish companies to make more investments in Ghana.