The Inauguration Ceremony at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Appointed as the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources in the 64th Government, Mr. Berat Albayrak has taken over the post at the Inauguration Ceremony that took place in the Ministry.

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Minister Albayrak who took over the post from Mr. Alaboyun drew the audience’s attention to the tremendous contribution of Mr. Alaboyun to AK Party (Party of Justice and Development), to the state as well as to the Turkish bureaucracy.

By emphasizing extremely important steps taken during the term of AK Party with respect to the energy policies, Mr. Albayrak continued his speech as follows:

“The first answer to the question “what is energy?” should actually be the following; the issue of energy index in the world is apparently related to the level of development of countries. İncrease in the installed capacity from 30,000 MW, when AK Party has first become a Ruling Party, to 73,000 MW as of the end of the last year, could be counted as one of the successes of AK Party. Is it sufficient? It is not. Turkey is not a very lucky country in terms of natural resources compare to other countries in the region. So, Turkey has to be entrepreneurial and has to develop its resources through collaborations. Therefore, Turkey needs to pursue balanced politics through deploying various diversified energy alternatives in its region. Much more challenging period is awaiting Turkey ahead, because Turkey has targets. Likewise there are targets in the field of energy. We are committed to increase the installed capacity to 120,000 MW in 10 years. Therefore, there are investments and a serious work load to be implemented by our Ministry during this period.”