Turkey İntroduces Domestic Hand Sanitizer BOREL

Moisturizing element of BOREL is suitable for those with skin sensitivities or dermatological conditions: energy minister

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Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez on Wednesday launched a new domestically-produced hand sanitizer under the brand name BOREL, the sale of which will start on Thursday.
"The fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) starts with hands," Donmez said at the launch event at the Energy Ministry of the product that is derived from the boron element.
"Experts urge washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. When it is not possible to use soap, hand sanitizers can be used for personal hygiene," he said.
Having received feedback from a wide range of customers, Donmez said the top complaint in the use of hand sanitizers was with resulting skin sensitivity and dryness, which he said BOREL does not cause.
"With ingredients such as boron, ethyl alcohol, glycerin, aloe vera, tea tree oil and lavender, BOREL keeps hands moisturized while avoiding any dermatological problems. The antibacterial element in boron fights against germs and bacteria while also helping any wounds heal faster," he said.
BOREL, which comes in pocket size of 100 milliliters will hit the stores on Thursday and the manufacture of one liter and five liter bottles will be completed soon, according to Donmez.
In January 2019, Turkey's first domestically-produced detergent product made out of the boron element, BORON was introduced. Four new BORON detergent products were launched in November 2019.
Turkey has a total of 3.3 billion tons of boron, equating to 73% of the world's total reserves, making Turkey the world's number one in terms of boron reserves, according to Donmez.