Turkey Starts Operation Of 52 Hydro Plants İn 2 Years

The plants with a total of 1,439 MW capacity will provide electricity to 1.85 million Turkish households

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A total of 52 hydroelectricity power plants (HPP) with 1,439 megawatts (MW) total installed capacity began operation in the last two years, according to Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez on Sunday.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of Tokat Niksar Akinci HPP in Turkey’s northern province of Tokat, Donmez said that nearly 11.3 billion Turkish Liras was invested in 52 new HPPs, located in 26 different cities of Turkey.
Donmez noted that the plants will provide electricity to around 1.85 million Turkish households.
"In the last 18 years, Turkey has become a rare success story in energy sector," Donmez said, adding that the country's installed power capacity reached more than 91,000 MW recently from around 31,000 MW in 2002.
"Additionally, the country shows more than 6% annual growth in installed capacity among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries," he highlighted.
"With this growth in capacity, Turkey ranks in first place among all OECD countries," he asserted.
Donmez said that the Tokat Niksar Akinci HPP has 99 MW of installed capacity and annual electricity production is expected to reach 448 million kilowatthours (kWh).
"Akinci power plant will provide electricity need of 231,000 households," he noted.
In addition to production, the plant will help to reduce approximately 230 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per annum. He also stated that the construction of the plant provided employment opportunities to 600 citizens.
Meanwhile, according to the Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, hydraulic resources, which hold the most important position in the renewable energy potential of Turkey, possess a hydroelectricity potential of 433 billion kWh, while the technically usable potential is 216 kWh, and the economic hydroelectricity potential is 140 billion kWh per year.