Public Announcement

Oruç Reis returns to the port once a month for planned maintenance, crew change and next mission preparations, in accordance with its working principles.

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Oruç Reis Seismic Research Vessel started seismic exploration and survey activities at the Demre-1 location in the Mediterranean on 10 August. Oruç Reis has collected 3.525 km of seismic data in the mentioned field so far.


Return of the ship to the port for supply and maintenance on a monthly basis is its routine activity. The ship will continue its seismic exploration and survey activities after completion of its supply and maintenance operations.


In addition to that, Turkey has been continuing exploration and drilling activities which are based on the international law in the Mediterranean. Yavuz Drilling Vessel still continues its activities in the Selçuklu-1 well and Barbaros Hayreddin Paşa Seismic Research Vessel also continues its activities in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Respectfully announced to the public.