Sending more Russian gas via Türkiye to Europe technically possible: Energy Minister

Technical, commercial and legal evaluation and feasibility studies should be carried out for Putin's proposal , Donmez says

Türkiye ready to transfer natural gas from different sources: Energy Minister

Türkiye can play critical role in delivery of natural gas from neighboring countries to markets in West, says Minister Donmez

Türkiye to lay sub-sea gas cables in Black Sea: Energy minister

About 8,000 workers, 30 vessels and eight helicopters have been deployed on land and sea for Black Sea Gas project, says Energy Min.

Türkiye aims to become Europe's new wind generation, innovation center

Country offers great opportunities to potential investors in renewables sector

Türkiye aims to become a new production and innovation center in the wind energy sector for the local region and Europe, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez said on Tuesday in Hamburg.

Türkiye subsidized 150 billion liras for natural gas in 1H22: Energy min.

Country provided between 1,800 to 2,000 liras per capita for natural gas in first 6 months of year, Donmez says

Meetings with Türkiye's energy minister, Gulf countries prove positive for gas, renewables cooperation

Countries hope to cooperate in natural gas trade, oil and gas exploration, and production activities

Türkiye's 4th drill ship starts operations in Mediterranean

Abdulhamid Han to run its exploratory mission for two months

Türkiye will be ready to use Black Sea natural gas next March: Energy min

Minister refers to natural gas find of around 540 billion cubic meters in Sakarya Gas Field in Black Sea

Türkiye's 4th drill ship sets sail for two-month exploratory stint in Med

Abdulhamid Han to drill exploration wells in Eastern Mediterranean, Energy Minister says

Türkiye breaks ground on 4th reactor of Akkuyu Nuclear Plant

Upon completion, four reactors will alone meet about 10% of country's electricity demand

Türkiye’s new oil discovery at Cukurova to yield 8 mln. barrels: Energy Min

Successful outcome of oil exploration in southern Adana province discovered in June to prompt more drilling

Türkiye's fourth drill ship to start operations in August

Latest drill ship operations to contribute to country's gas exploration that has been ongoing over past 4 years

Türkiye uncovers world's second-largest rare earth element reserve

Of the 17 known rare elements, the country will produce 10 from the new field, Energy Minister says

Türkiye plans $3 billion investment for electric cars, renewable energy

Electric vehicle infrastructure to get third of investment with remaining funds going to renewables and distributed generation

Türkiye starts laying underwater pipes for Black Sea gas Project

In the first stage, 10 million cubic meters of natural gas per day will be carried and increase to 40 million cubic meters per day in the second stage